Properties and Leasing

The Waverly Real Estate Group believes that the landlord/tenant relationship should be win-win.  The market has proven, time and again, that a landlord’s success depends on the success of its tenant’s businesses. We weigh and balance many factors, with the goal of making sure that both parties are able to thrive. Tenant combination is a paramount consideration; the successful center has a group of complementary, rather than competing, tenants.  Each landlord that we represent is committed to providing a safe, clean, comfortable, and exciting center which promotes business goodwill and entices customers to come, to enjoy themselves, to spend money, to spread the word to family and friends, and to return time and again.

Each of our tenants, in exchange, is committed to providing a high quality product or service that is fresh, unique, and desirable.

Our firm specializes in properties located in Howard County Maryland and in surrounding counties. The population in this region consists primarily of people with diverse and interesting backgrounds, who have high per capita incomes, and who are highly educated.

When we receive a tenant inquiry, we sit down with the potential tenant and obtain detailed information about all aspects of its business. Based on our knowledge, experience, and analysis, we are able to determine the location that would be the best fit for the tenant’s concept, services, or products. This method has maximized our tenants’ business successes.

We apply the concept of vertical integration in our approach to leasing.  This means that the agent who helps you find the perfect spot for your business will work with you through the build-out of your space; and, even after you have opened for business in the space, will continue to be your go-to person in our company.

It is our goal that our tenants are able to realize their dreams because their businesses have become popular and profitable. This gives us great gratification and happiness.

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