Land Development

Waverly Real Estate Group is always interested in land development opportunities and/or commercial properties for sale in our market area.  Our sister company, Land Design & Development, Inc., has been the leader in creating quality communities in Howard County for the last 30 years.

Our résumé, includes, among numerous others, the following developments:

  • Market Square North and South
  • Weatherburn
  • Second Discovery
  • Buckskin Lake
  • Turf Valley Overlook
  • Glenelg Manor
  • Cattail Creek Country Club
  • Taylor Village
  • Waverly Woods
  • Ellicott Crossing
  • Centennial Lake Overlook

On the commercial side, we have developed and improved land and constructed the following projects:

  • 3355 St. John’s Lane
  • The Waverly Building
  • Clarksville Commons
  • Forest Green
  • Clarksville Professional Center
  • The Wellness Center at 100/103
  • Simpsonville Mill
  • Glory Days Grill and Goodwill in Eldersburg
  • 8000 Locust Mill
  • The Iron Bridge Wine Company
  • 12451 Clarksville Pike
  • Waverly West Shopping Center

Our team possess the collective knowledge, skills, and network necessary to manage projects through the government approval process (including oversight of the complex required engineering), to develop land, and to construct improvements.

If you are a landowner and are interested in developing, we can arrange for an outright purchase of your property; or, alternatively, we can work with you to turn your vision into reality.

If you wish to explore the potential of your land, please contact Don Reuwer by phone 410-707-7054 or by email through our contact form.